Overnight Manifestation Technique

Overnight Manifestation Technique

Overnight Manifestation Technique
Two cup method

In this post, I am giving you a powerful and interesting technique that has been very popular on the internet. According to me, it is the best method for manifesting our desires. It gave me overnight results and I thought it could be a great idea to share with you guys

Hey guys! And thanks for stopping by my very little corner of the web. If you don't know who I am, my name is Arsha and I love talking about the Law of Attraction & manifesting. I have manifested many different things in my life up to now. I am still performing at it and learning every single day. 

 I have been using this technique for a year, I learned about it last year, I have used it many times for receiving opportunities, attracting money etc. It works, I keep using it once in a while.

The technique is the Two Cup Method. This is a good technique for subconscious mind programming. It is based on Quantum Jumping because you are at one state or at one dimension and you are jumping one dimension to the other dimension.  

So in this method, you need;

1. Two cups/ glasses
2. Water
3. Paper
4. Pen

First, take the two cups/glasses.  Then you have to choose one wish or one desire that you want to manifest. Choose something specific. Then you need a post-it note or cut some pieces of paper. In the paper first, write your current state or situation in one or two words and stick it on the cup. For example, if you want to manifest a relationship then your current situation may be a single/broken relationship. Pour some water in that cup( it does not necessarily have to be full, it can be enough like half the glass is fine). Keep the other cup empty and next write your desired situation (for example wonderful happy committed relationship) and paste it on the cup.

The cup with water is your current situation and cup without water will be your desired situation.

Hold the first cup of water with your current situation in your hand, look at this water and think about your current situation, feel it for a minute.  Once you are done with this, now you are going to do the Quantum Jumping. Transfer the water from your current state cup to the desired state cup. Notice the sound of water shifting from one cup to the next. During the transfer, you must think that a transition is happening.

Next step is to take the desired state cup and think about your desired outcome intensely, how it feels like, how happy you will be, hold on to that positive feeling. Let the smile come into your face. Give yourself 2 or 3 minutes. Once you feel that state then you have to drink the water. Drink every last drop of water and feel so happy that now you have attracted your desires. That's it, your work is done. 

You are going to get the outcome within 24 hours. Most of you are going to get the results, some of you may take a little more time. Don't be worried about it. It will happen. And when it will, it will make you a believer too! 

Take care guys


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